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Small Bank Program

NPR Asset Management is very sensitive to the needs of the small Bank and Credit Unions in the Asset Management and Risk Mitigation space. Unfortunately as this need exists the expense to acquire the expertise, Broker Network and Systems make it almost impossible to compete, but more importantly maximize the recovery in a timely manner.

We at NPR Asset Management recognize the need and have built the internal process to offer the same services the "Big Shops" receive without all the additional costs.

Our ability to streamline the outsourcing and administration of our Broker network electronically through a series of specific asset management queues allow for the same quality service and care for every property regardless of what its point of origin. The use of sound industry approved processes and high level Asset Managers and brokers affords us the ability to review, decision and manage your property to closing with the utmost regard for maximizing your return.  

Our Broker report card is published monthly and our broker vetting is by far the most stringent in the market place today. Because we understand the smaller volume coming out of the individual entities our Asset Managers have the ability to handle a number of small flow deliveries which in aggregate are managed with the same expertise and diligence so the client receives the best outcome for their asset.

Finally, we have the ability to negotiate a preferable management fee with the Investor depending on several geographic factors. Please feel free to browse our web site for a more detailed overview of NPR Capital Asset Management and contact anyone from our Executive Team so that we may have a discussion in the future about how we at NPR Capital Asset Management can assist you.