NPR Capital Asset Management

REO Experts

Loss Mitigation

Loan Modification - We work directly with the mortgage servicer and homeowner to identify the capacity to pay under the new terms allowing the homeowner to maintain ownership and to cash flow the asset for the investor. 

Short Sales - We work directly with the lender and the real estate sales professional to establish a short sale plan or pre-foreclosure work out plan that allows the borrower to avoid foreclosure and the investor to carry a non performing asset for an extended amount of time.

Deed in Lieu of foreclosure - We work directly with the homeowner to secure a amicable alternative to foreclosure via a Deed-in-Lieu and cash for keys when necessary.

Refinance - We have established national relationships with Mortgage Lenders to provide refinances at competitive market interest rates.

Pre-Foreclosure Consulting - We work directly with various financial institutions on the homeowners behalf in an attempt to stop foreclosure and provide a variety of solutions to those facing foreclosure.