NPR Capital Asset Management

REO Experts


NPR works with mortgage servicer to re-establish communication with homeowners in default and educates them on the alternatives to foreclosure.  NPR Asset Management has on staff a HAMP and HAFA certified executive who can coordinate and pre review accounts for compliance.  The ultimate goal of NPR is to put the homeowners back in communication with their mortgage servicer to find ways to avoid foreclosure.

NPR can manage the REO disposition process of your default properties from foreclosure sale through liquidation.  Our staff of Asset Managers are licensed Real Estate Agents who can navigate your property through initial occupancy, marketing, contract negotiation, to final sale disposition.  The NPR asset manager is experienced in both the current and historical market place and understands the demands necessary to be successful in liquidating assets and mitigation risk.


NPR Asset Management is very sensitive to the needs of the small Bank and Credit Unions in the Asset Management and Risk Mitigation space. Unfortunately as this need exists the expense to acquire the expertise, Broker Network and Systems make it almost impossible to compete, but more importantly maximize the recovery in a timely manner.


NPR provides Broker Price Opinions (BPO), True Fair Market Value Reconciliations, Portfolio Due Diligence, Appraisals, and automated Valuation Models (AVM) in all 50 states.  NPR Asset Managers analyize multiple valuation products including listing and sold data that you can rely upon to give your asset the right value.


NPR provides nationwide coverage for REO and Pre-REO field services aimed at protecting the assets physical integrity to maximize net proceeds to value as well as to minimize physical depreciation that will negatively impact the bottom line.  NPR understands risk and contracts REO field professionals to service our properties in a timely manner.


NPR offers title searches, property reports, chain of title, and full searches on a national level.  We also offer a complete end-to-end solution for title insurance and full escrow closing and assigns a specific Title/Closing Agent who directly oversees all aspects of the title/closing process.


NPR may provide and assist with the purchase and closing for the sale of a property with several of its origination conduits as additional assistance to the investor and purchaser.